I can’t reed that guuud! New York set to eliminate literacy test for new teachers. Claim racism. 

I always love reading stories on ridiculousness and what more ridiculous than the state of New York deciding to eliminate a standard test for those becoming teachers because…wait for it…racism.

Apparently, due to low scores by both black and Latino candidates in the state’s reading and comprehension exams, the state believes that due to these prospective teachers growing up in a impoverished, legal racist, and underprivileged environment, it would seem unfair for them to go through such test in order to become teachers.

Whites candidates have scored higher and many proponents argue that the exam discriminatly disqualifies minorities. 

As a Latino myself, it is insulting to me that someone might suggest that because of my race I am (a) Stupid, (b) not bright enough to read and write because of social factors and (c) I have somehow been oppressed and therefore I should get a pass.

I can honestly say a big fuck you to those proponents and the state of New York for allowing this. Everyone should take responsibility for their own learning and development. Many that have come from far worse social and economic situations have overcome such challenges and achieved success. 

To dilute down the test to appease those candidates who want to play victim and make excuses is preposterous.