Thin skinned Ashley Judd “scared” when man tells her he supports Trump. 

Ashley Judd suffered an emotional hiccup at a college basketball game, when an elderly fan who got a picture taken with the D-list actress mentioned “we like Trump”. 

The actress stated that she felt “uncomfortable and scared” and wrote a lengthy Facebook post detailing her experience. 

First and foremost, Ashley Judd is as relevant as Robert Blake’s career right now. She is an absolute basket case. Who would think of all the things that would traumatize a person, and elderly man saying he supports Trump would cause her to practically feel threatened.

Maybe, just maybe we should sent her along with her libtard friends to Syria so that she can experience and help discern what is scary and what is flat-out stupid. 

I suggest that we help Ashley Judd by donating crayons and a coloring book in hopes that we can help her feel safe and at ease.

I mean you gotta be fucking kidding me. She along with other snowflakes have lived a cocoon life where they haven’t experience true challenges and struggle. 

When Obama won I just accepted it along with his futile administration for all those 8 years. Hold on buttercup, if you’re traumatized now, better get thick skin soon. Might be a long 8 years.