Legal Permanent Residents from banned countries can return. But will be a slow, inconvenient process.

The current immigration ban for Syria, Iran and 5 other middle east countries are causing panic, fear and chaos for travelers today, leading to protests at U.S international airports.

The ban as explained by the administration is to improve “vetting” of those seeking to immigrate or visit from those listed countries who the administration accuses of harboring, endorsing, or failing to deter radicalism and terrorism.

Currently those with a U.S visa from the countries listed can re-enter, however, they will have to go to the U.S consulate and determine if they are eligible. The consulate has said that they will treat those seeking to return on a “case by case basis” and that they are moving “expeditiously” in the process. 

News reports from various sources have been incorrect on this report, claiming that all visa holders from these countries are banned. 

That is not so. What’s true is that they will have to go through a few hurdles before traveling back. 

For more on this story visit the source: Reuters

Update: U.S District Court has ruled visa holders and approved refugees cannot be detained or prevented from entering the country.