Keystone Pipeline back on

It what it seems to be a never ending deluge of executive orders, President Trump signs another authorizing the continuance of the construction of the controversial Keystone Pipeline.

The order gives the TransCanada the opportunity to re-submit for a permit in order to continue operations.

The move is seen by the administration as a way to boost exports and ease the reliance of imports from oil rich nations. Currently,  the U.S is the largest consumer of crude oil.

The move is also said to be a way to increase jobs and benefit the country’s overall energy infrastructure.

The order has been met by long standing opposition as the Standing Rock Tribe and environmentalist pledge to fight on. The Tribe and protesters won last year when President Obama halted the project. 

Many opposed cite a danger to drinking water and the overall health of the environment and surrounding wild life. The project calls to tunnel under Lake Oahe which is adjacent to the Missouri River and the reservation.