What is the Mexico City Policy on Abortion?

Today President Trump signed an executive order reinstating the Mexico City policy or what is known as the “global gag order”. But what is it? And what does it mean?

The policy was first signed by President Reagan only to be rescinded by Democratic and reinstated by Republican administrations in a never ending back and forth. Now with a Republican presidential in the helm, it is once again implemented. 

The policy restricts tax payer funds to fund non-governmental agencies  (NGO’s) from promoting and performing abortions in foreign countries as a part of family planning. That doesn’t include if an abortion is needed in life threatening situations, rape or incest cases. 

The policy is a way to curb the support of coercive programs like The United Nations Population Fund who support China’s one child policy and forced abortions.

The policy itself does not diminish or restrict funding for contraceptives or other family planning services in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies that are not related to rape, incest, and life or death cases.

Pro-Choice supporters argue that the reinstatement of the policy will cause many women to seek unsafe means to terminate their pregnancies as well as limit access to clinics. While policy supporters state that tax payer funds shouldn’t be used for foreign abortions at their expense.