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  • The New Pork Grimes 12:03 pm on March 15, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: Ashley Judd, , , Politics   

    Thin skinned Ashley Judd “scared” when man tells her he supports Trump. 

    Ashley Judd suffered an emotional hiccup at a college basketball game, when an elderly fan who got a picture taken with the D-list actress mentioned “we like Trump”. 

    The actress stated that she felt “uncomfortable and scared” and wrote a lengthy Facebook post detailing her experience. 

    First and foremost, Ashley Judd is as relevant as Robert Blake’s career right now. She is an absolute basket case. Who would think of all the things that would traumatize a person, and elderly man saying he supports Trump would cause her to practically feel threatened.

    Maybe, just maybe we should sent her along with her libtard friends to Syria so that she can experience and help discern what is scary and what is flat-out stupid. 

    I suggest that we help Ashley Judd by donating crayons and a coloring book in hopes that we can help her feel safe and at ease.

    I mean you gotta be fucking kidding me. She along with other snowflakes have lived a cocoon life where they haven’t experience true challenges and struggle. 

    When Obama won I just accepted it along with his futile administration for all those 8 years. Hold on buttercup, if you’re traumatized now, better get thick skin soon. Might be a long 8 years.

  • The New Pork Grimes 10:34 pm on March 14, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: Department of education, Education, , minorities, New York, teachers   

    I can’t reed that guuud! New York set to eliminate literacy test for new teachers. Claim racism. 

    I always love reading stories on ridiculousness and what more ridiculous than the state of New York deciding to eliminate a standard test for those becoming teachers because…wait for it…racism.

    Apparently, due to low scores by both black and Latino candidates in the state’s reading and comprehension exams, the state believes that due to these prospective teachers growing up in a impoverished, legal racist, and underprivileged environment, it would seem unfair for them to go through such test in order to become teachers.

    Whites candidates have scored higher and many proponents argue that the exam discriminatly disqualifies minorities. 

    As a Latino myself, it is insulting to me that someone might suggest that because of my race I am (a) Stupid, (b) not bright enough to read and write because of social factors and (c) I have somehow been oppressed and therefore I should get a pass.

    I can honestly say a big fuck you to those proponents and the state of New York for allowing this. Everyone should take responsibility for their own learning and development. Many that have come from far worse social and economic situations have overcome such challenges and achieved success. 

    To dilute down the test to appease those candidates who want to play victim and make excuses is preposterous.

  • The New Pork Grimes 1:13 am on February 5, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: , Secret Service, Steve Clemons, The Atlantic   

    Fake News! Secret Service puts editor on notice for false reports. 

    The U.S Secret Service refuted reports by The Atlantic editor Steven Clemons that several agency higher ups were forced to resigned. 

    These reports were a series of tweets by Clemons who later received a response by the Secret Service stating that his reports were false while demanding a statement. 

    Clemons apologized for not confirming the reports prior to boarding his flight to Tokyo and retracted his story, signaling that it was another agency. Clemons made no mention of which agency. 

    For more on the story click here.

  • The New Pork Grimes 10:31 pm on February 3, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: Britain, British, British Prime Minister, Conservative, , socialism, Theresa May   

    British PM Theresa May slays Socialist. 

    An Anti-Trump British Parliament member who used his platform to spew insults about President Trump and demand his invitation to be withdrawn met his match, as Theresa May quickly rebukes his arguments and rethoric and asserts her authority as Leader of the Isles.

    The man who began accusing Trump of being against women’s rights (cough, cough..but not Saudi Arabia and the rest of the middle east countries who ACTUALLY oppress women by restricting their daily lives) toward the end looked defeated as Theresa May gain the applause of her allies as well as the conservative world.

  • The New Pork Grimes 8:18 pm on February 3, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: , , Muslim ban, muslims, refugees, socialists   

    Leftist refugee, anti-Trump supporters balk at the idea of refugees staying in their homes 

    For all of their zeal, passion and unshakable beliefs against the so called “Muslim Ban”, these devoted socialists are unwilling or apprehensive in allowing these poor people in need to stay at their residences to escape persecution by….other Muslims. Watch.

  • The New Pork Grimes 11:30 pm on February 2, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: Ben Shapiro, clock boy, daily wire, first ammendment, free speech,   

    Father of “Clock Boy” loses suit. Has to pay up. 

    Remember “Clock Boy”? The young middle school inventor who created a clock that resembled a bomb? His father Mohammed Mohammed lost his lawsuit today as a Texas court dismissed it and ordered him to pay legal costs and fees. 

    Ben Shapiro, the Daily Wire editor-in-chief hailed the ruling as a victory for free speech, in what he claims is a trend of social justice warriors to use the courts to pursue their political correctness agenda and attack the first ammendment.

    For more on the story click here


  • The New Pork Grimes 5:46 am on February 2, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: Democrats, , Liberal media., Muslim, Nancy Pelosi   

    Nancy Pelosi caught instructing Congressman to say he is Muslim at rally 

    The Democratic Party wouldn’t miss an opportunity to exploit different ethnic, and religious groups as well gays in order to pursue their thirst for absolute power and control.

    These bleeding hearty politicians’ main purpose is to keep their jobs by making everyone as ignorant, angry, and fearful as possible with their propaganda . With the media at their side as a weapon.

    Here Nancy Pelosi was caught by a hot-mic during a rally, clearly instructing her fellow cronie to say he is a Muslim. Ceasing an opportunity to exploit the angst and misinformation that the media has produce and exploiting Muslims and Islam.

    Watch the video.

  • The New Pork Grimes 4:16 am on January 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Canada Muslims, International, Islam, Quebec City mosque attack, quebec shooting   

    Gunmen assault Quebec City mosque during evening prayer. Multiple dead and injured. 

    Quebec City

    A mosque was assaulted by 3 gunmen killing 5 and injuring an unnumberable amount more during evening prayer. The attack comes at a time where Quebec has seen a rise in Muslim migration as well as incidents of Islamophobia that have occurred with pig’s blood being splattered at a Saguenay region mosque, and a pig’s head left at a cultural center in recent years.

    40 worshipers where inside the building at the time of the shooting with many desperately calling the Iman for help. Police have set up a perimeter and reported there have been arrests.

    The story is still developing.

    Source: Reuters

  • The New Pork Grimes 11:10 pm on January 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Executive Order, extreme vetting, , travel ban   

    Legal Permanent Residents from banned countries can return. But will be a slow, inconvenient process. 

    The current immigration ban for Syria, Iran and 5 other middle east countries are causing panic, fear and chaos for travelers today, leading to protests at U.S international airports.

    The ban as explained by the administration is to improve “vetting” of those seeking to immigrate or visit from those listed countries who the administration accuses of harboring, endorsing, or failing to deter radicalism and terrorism.

    Currently those with a U.S visa from the countries listed can re-enter, however, they will have to go to the U.S consulate and determine if they are eligible. The consulate has said that they will treat those seeking to return on a “case by case basis” and that they are moving “expeditiously” in the process. 

    News reports from various sources have been incorrect on this report, claiming that all visa holders from these countries are banned. 

    That is not so. What’s true is that they will have to go through a few hurdles before traveling back. 

    For more on this story visit the source: Reuters

    Update: U.S District Court has ruled visa holders and approved refugees cannot be detained or prevented from entering the country.

  • The New Pork Grimes 5:00 am on January 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bills, , , , Protests   

    Central U.S States creating bills penalizing disruptive protests. 

    Several States have joined in the creation of bills centered on  protecting the safety of its citizens from disruptive protests. Recent protests have seen demonstrators block traffic and disrupt other means of transportation. The bills are set also to punish drivers who use their vehicles and strike protesters obstructing their way.

    Penalties being considered for blocking traffic include fines up to $3000 including one year jail sentences.

    Many free speech activists condemn the idea and view it as a way of infringing on their 1st ammendment rights. Saying that the government is dangerously crossing the lines and targeting peaceful protests.

    Peaceful protests of course are welcomed in any American city and State as long as the required permits are obtained and disruptive behavior is absent. 

    For more on this story click here.

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